4 Fantastic Everyday Ways to Care For Your Skin this Spring

Everyday skincare spring

With the coming of April we (are supposed to) say goodbye to winter, and throw open our windows to fresh spring air. Whilst winter isn’t quite out of the door, the mornings are certainly getting brighter and we should be able to say the same for our skin. Where the brutality of the passing season has wreaked havoc on our skin, we have seen an influx of clients coming to our aesthetics clinic in Chester asking for treatments to rid the lines that icy winds and freezing rain have left behind. We want to share with you some top lifestyle tips to re-hydrate your skin and maximise a youthful complexion, giving you a healthy glow this spring.

Keep Hydrated

We can survive for three weeks without food. Without water we would live for only three or four days. That is because water is essential for your body to perform. Dehydration will often cause headaches because the brain temporarily contracts due to fluid loss. Our skin probably won’t notify us with pain – although we may notice irritation from dryness. Dehydration will however cause dullness, dryness, and increased breakouts.
The power of water should not be underestimated. So instead of reaching straight for the coffee in the morning, consider a glass of water or a green tea instead.

Food for the Soul and the Face

We all know that a balanced diet is the road to longevity, good health, and general wellbeing. There are however a number of foods which are scientifically proven to directly help our skin and reduce the visible signs of ageing – and probably the invisible ones too! It seems the ultimate superfood agreed amongst nutritionists, dieticians, and dermatologists are blueberries. Blueberries come packed with vitamin C and A which are major components in collagen production – that’s the protein which allows new skin cells to form and retains elasticity and volume in our face. They are also full of antioxidants which help to protect against UV radiation damage. Other foods to stock up on are tomatoes, figs, pomegranate, peaches, salmon, and avocado.

Manage Stress with Exercise and Meditation

Where everyday stresses creep into our pillows and stop us from sleeping, the signs are written on our tired faces, when dark circles and facial swelling only serve to cause further stress.

Meditation and mindfulness are proven methods for relieving toxic stress. It also relaxes the muscles in our face and body. Where excess tension can cause lines in our skin, meditation allows us to release it, as well as improving our sleep.

It should come as no surprise that exercise is really good for us – body and mind. So much so, it is regularly prescribed by doctors for weight loss, yes, but also for mental illnesses such as chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. When it comes to our skin though, sweating acts as a sort of mini-facial. As our temperature increases during exercise, our pores open to release sweat in an effort to cool us down. In doing so, trapped dirt and oil that had settled in our pores throughout the day is expelled. The increased blood flow to our skin transports oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and carries waste products, including ageing free radicals, away from the skin.

Make sure you wash well to get that dirt off the surface, and be sure to re-hydrate!

Always Stay Sun-Protected

Reading this, it shouldn’t be news to you that sun-damage is the catalyst to premature ageing – not to mention the direct association with skin diseases. In fact reports show that more than 80% of visible ageing can be attributed to sun-exposure.

We have many clients that come to the clinic looking for treatments for sun-damaged skin. Whilst we offer some highly effective treatments, you can easily stop sun damage in its tracks from the moment you wake. Prevent premature wrinkles, bags, and sagging (from loss of elasticity) by applying sun protection – we advise SPF30.

At the Pure Perfection Clinic in Chester, we can offer a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that are scientifically proven to bring back your natural glow and combat the visible signs of ageing. Get in touch for a consultation where we can discuss your condition and together create a bespoke treatment plan.

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