5 Steps to Younger Looking Skin

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you will know that my skin has always been a bit ‘meh’. Despite having a rather thorough cleansing routine and using high end products there was no chance of me ever leaving the house without makeup!  I was always envious of friends who didn’t wear makeup and the older my skin was getting the less makeup I wanted to wear – it can be so ageing. I longed for younger looking skin!

Sadly, this just wasn’t possible for me.  That was until I met Sara at Pure Perfection.

My story is likely to be familiar to many of you.  My skin was OK, but the effects of ageing and not being careful in the sun were taking their toll.  I have rosacea and still in my mid 40’s, I had breakouts.  I eat healthily, take pride in how I dress and keep myself fit but now my face was beginning to let me down!  I’d never used cheap products and had tried Clinique, Elemis, Clarins and more, but nothing seemed to make any real difference.  I just thought that my skin would never be great.

This is when I went to see Sara and she recommended that I try the ZO Skin Health range.  Her skin is fabulous, so I was happy to try anything she recommended. 

I began with the starter box which included everything I needed to kick start my regime.  It’s an ideal way to start as you don’t have to invest in all the full sized products straight away.  For my personalised regime, there are 5 simple steps which isn’t dissimilar to what I had done before, so changing over wasn’t a chore.  It was time to see if I really could achieve younger looking skin.

My Journey to Younger Looking Skin

Step 1 – Gentle Cleanser

This stuff is fab! You only need a 5p size amount, but it makes your face so squeaky clean.  With previous face washes I always found that they didn’t quite remove all my makeup (and I don’t wear an awful lot anymore), but this wash removed everything.  It’s kind to my sensitive skin and makes my skin feel hydrated and refreshed.  I actually look forward to washing my face.

Step 2 – Dual Action Scrub

This product is medical grade so it really works!  Just a 5p sized amount again is more than enough – these products really do go a long way.  I spend about 2 minutes gently massaging this scrub and it feels great.  Exfoliation is a step so often missed by other skincare brands, but it’s essential for promoting exfoliation, making your products penetrate deeper into the skin.  As my skin is naturally oily, this is idea as it also targets surface oil as well.  Two concerns tackled by one wonderful product. 

Step 3 – Oil Control Pads

These pads are the easiest way I’ve ever toned your skin.  You simply take one out of the tub and wipe over your face. – that’s it. The pads hold the ingredients needed for not only removing oil but also the added benefit of reducing pore size, helping smooth your skin and has a lovely cooling feel too.

Step 4 – Daily Power Defence

This product is to replace the traditional moisturiser step of your routine.  There’s lots of interesting stories out there about how moisturiser is bad for your skin – have a look, it’s well worth a read.  This product is a best seller and it’s easy to see why! It feels fantastic on your skin and makes it feel a little firmer and super healthy.  After just 4 weeks, I could see the reduction in those annoying fine lines that were threatening to become full-blown wrinkles.  I really was beginning to look a little younger.

Step 5 – Rozatrol

This is a final boost step to really help target my main concern – rosacea and skin tone.  It’s a wonder product, honestly!  It’s a serum that helps to normalise your skin and I’m not sure how it does it, but the results are amazing.  My skin is definitely more radiant and even. Whatever your main skin concern, there’s an ideal booster stage for you.


I wish I had a before and after picture to show you, but I tried to avoid the camera at all costs previously.  It’s a different story now though.  So, in the absence of pictures, I will share my favourite comments from family and friends to show you that this really does work so very well –

  • Your skin looks great! Are you wearing makeup?
  • You look glowing and really healthy
  • Wow! You look fabulous – what’s your secret?
  • Your skin is so much better, I can’t believe the change!
  • No way are you 44!

So, there you have it. I’ve finally found a product range that works!  So if you feel a bit ‘meh’ about your skin, feel that you want to really target those signs of ageing and you’d like some of the comments above to be about you then get yourself booked in to Pure Perfection – and start getting the best possible skin that you deserve.

In September, there’s even a 4 for 3 offer on all ZO products!  Perfect timing.

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