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State of the art facilities & equipment

State of the art facilities & equipment

Friendly & professional clinic team

Friendly & professional clinic team

Award winning aesthetic & Skincare clinic

Award winning aesthetic & Skincare clinic

Wide variety of treatments available

Wide variety of treatments available

What are my options?

Here at Pure Perfection, we have three packages available or we can build a bespoke plan for you. This ensures you can find the right treatment at the right price. Each of our packages has incredible savings that you won't want to miss. Don't delay and book your consultation today.

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Treatment / Product A range of treatments bespoke to your needs Bronze Only £199 Save £96 Silver Only £995 Save £320 Gold Only £2995 Save £1,335
Medical Consultation including Skin Scan & Photos
Acne Home Care - Clearing Kit
ZO Skin Health Stimulator Peel
Extraction and Skin review
Extractions x6
Dermalux x6
Personalised Prescription
Regular Reviews and Skin Scan
ZO Skin Health Stimulator Peel x6
C02 Laser
Steroid Injections
RF Resurfacing Treatment x3

Acne Treatments Chester, Cheshire

Are you searching for the best acne treatments Chester has to offer? As experts in all elements of skincare, we’ll explain what acne is, how to treat it and how to prevent it from affecting your life.

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition most common amongst teenagers but can affect people of all ages. For many sufferers, it causes emotional stress, low self-esteem, and confidence issues due to the visible discomfort and scarring of the skin. Acne occurs when pores become blocked by oil, bacteria, dead skill cells, and dirt. Acne can be persistent and take a long time to heal without correct prevention treatments. There are many effective treatments to help heal and control acne and the earlier you start a treatment program, the better chance you have to control the condition and reduce the risk of it occurring again. Make acne a thing of the past with our prevention and treatment program, featuring ZO Skin Health products. ⁣⁣ This complete line of highly effective products is formulated to treat and prevent clogged pores, blackheads, pimples and cystic acne. Are you ready for your journey to healthier, happier skin? Keep reading to learn more about your available options for acne treatment in Chester.

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Finance options available

0% finance monthly payment plans available

Stages of the treatment

Stage One

Prescription Kits

We will provide a skincare kit for you to use in the comfort of your own home.

Stage Two

Skin Stabilising

Here we clean, extract and calm the skin using facials, LED light therapy and extraction treatments.

Stage Three

CO2 Laser

At this stage, we reduce as much scarring as possible to leave you feeling confident.

For a more personalised treatment plan, we always recommend patients complete a Acne DNA test. Get in touch today for more information.

Acne Treatments Chester

Ella’s experience


ZO Skin Health

Ella suffered from acne for 3 years and was unsure of the cause of it. She used a number of different skincare ranges but none alleviated the symptoms of her acne. Following a consultation with a ZO Skin Health specialist, Ella was given a regime of ZO Skin Health products and a ZO Medical peel. Ella followed a ZO regime every day for 4-6 weeks prior to the peel, to enhance results and prep the skin.

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Niloha RangelNiloha Rangel
22:16 14 Mar 22
Excellent attention as usual . Everybody is so lovely. That's why I keep coming back to have my treatments done.
Monica KeaneMonica Keane
13:35 10 Feb 22
You know what you get from Sara; Professionalism, knowledge, skill and a smile.Recently I was told by my colleagues I look like I glow.So true! Listen to her advice and suggestions. I look much better now than I did 10 years ago.
Carole CondrenCarole Condren
15:43 04 Nov 21
Amazing , attentive & knowledgeable staff. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Highly recommend their friendly & professional approach.
Pat WoolleyPat Woolley
07:00 10 Sep 21
Fantastiv clinic with great staff, i trust Sara's judgement 100%
Moira GrobickiMoira Grobicki
13:04 03 Jun 21
I came to have treatment with Registered Nurse Patricia Goodwin. Patricia has a wonderful kind and reassuring manner and immediately puts you at ease. She explained the treatment and expected after effects and aftercare. During the treatment Patricia was professional and patient. Her knowledge, skill and experience means that you know you are in safe hands and I highly recommend choosing her as your aesthetic Nurse.
Jayde PrinceJayde Prince
13:27 23 Apr 21
Having morpheus8 treatment - just over halfway through and already seeing fantastic results. The team are really welcoming and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

Acne Skin Treatment Chester, Cheshire

To start your acne skin treatment in Chester, we’ll develop a bespoke skin care protocol. There are a range of treatments available to you depending on your skin type, your preferred treatment style and your desired results. The ZO Skin Health products are fantastic for ongoing care, but you may prefer to try other options. Some of our most popular acne treatments include Pure Perfection Signature Peels, HydraFacial, Dernalux LED Therapy and Morpheus8 for acne scarring.

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Before & After
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Do You Treat all Skin Types?

Yes. At Pure Perfection Clinic, we treat all skin types, no matter the skin tone or texture, such as oily or dry skin. Acne can affect all skin types and people of different ages, often due to genetics and environmental factors. At your consultation, we will examine your skin and discuss your concerns before determining if our acne treatments are right for you.

What Types of Treatments do you Offer for Acne?

Depending on the type and severity of the acne, the location on the body, and how much the patient can afford to spend will all dictate what treatments we can offer. However, every patient will start their journey with a consultation, skin scan, photo, and usually a skin peel.

The treatment path typically consists of prescription-grade skincare for at-home use, regular skin peels, and extractions. For patients who may have scarring, we will use a CO2 laser for skin resurfacing. We are the only clinic in North Wales and the North West with state-of-the-art lasers to target acne and help eradicate the appearance of acne.

Is Acne Treatment Permanent?

Acne cannot be cured, meaning no treatment will be permanent. However, regular treatments ensure long-lasting effects.

What can I do to Help With my Acne at Home?

Lifestyle, diet, and stress can all affect acne. By managing these and using a prescribed at-home skincare routine, acne can be managed without too many visits to the clinic depending on the severity.

What Acne Treatments Are Safe During Pregnancy?

There is no specific acne treatment safe for all pregnancies; we will determine which is right for you during your consultation. No acne treatment is permanent as hormonal changes, stress, and your diet can all trigger outbreaks of acne.

Treatments are designed to keep acne at bay and manage any scarring on the skin. Outbreaks are usually less severe and manageable if the patient maintains a good, general skincare routine.

Our passionate team

We are a dedicated and highly skilled team with one aim: to give you the latest level of service with no limits to what we can deliver to you. We are up to date with the latest products and technologies so it goes without saying that we will exceed expectations when it comes to your face and body.

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Meet the team
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