Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Aesthetic Treatments to Define and Revive Ageing Eyes

aesthetics treatments to target the eyes

I spy with my little eye, lines and wrinkles, dark circles and a loss of definition. The eyes are supposedly the windows to the soul and the beholder of beauty, but when our eyes are instead a portrait of the visible signs of ageing and hold a loss of youthful beauty, it can be really damaging to our self-esteem. Like it or not, ageing is inevitable, but it does not mean that we need to settle with our lot. At Pure Perfection Clinic in Wrexham, Chester, we deliver the most effective and innovative aesthetic treatments to revive an ageing complexion, restore luminosity and elasticity, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and redefine facial features and structures. Today, we want to focus on those treatments that can really target and transform the eyes.

LVL Lashes

When we age, woman particularly can find that the upper eyelid becomes heavier or hooded. This can make the eyelashes appear shorter and your eyes smaller. That’s where LVL Lashes can help. LVL stands for length, volume, and lift, and the LVL Lash Lift treatment does just that. The LVL Lash Lift serum is applied to your natural lashes which first straightens your lashes at the root and then curls – or lifts – the lashes. Your lashes are then tinted, leaving them beautifully defined and full. Developed to be kind to skin and hair, the LVL Lashes solution doesn’t damage your lashes in any way. LVL Lash Lift treatment lasts for 6 to 8 weeks and in addition to defining and enhancing your eyes, you can expect to save a lot of time on your beauty regime!

Dermapen or Skin Needling 

The Derma FNS Pen, also referred to as skin needling, is one of our most loved aesthetic treatments here at Pure Perfection Clinic. Skin needling is incredibly safe and effective on the entire body, but is particularly useful for the delicate areas around the eyes. That is because the micro-needles in the Derma FNS Pen can be easily adjusted in length to suit the more sensitive skin. When delivered by our experienced practitioners, skin needling with the Derma FNS Pen is an extremely safe and successful treatment which stimulates the body’s natural healing processes by making tiny punctures to the skin. In doing so, old collagen is broken down and growth factors are naturally released thereby promoting the production of new collagen and elastin. Directed to the eyes, skin needling rejuvenates the skin. Goodbye, dark circles and lines and wrinkles; hello, luminosity and elasticity. Sounds pretty great right?

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Restoring definition to an ageing complexion couldn’t be easier with semi-permanent makeup treatments. Delivered by our semi-permanent supremo and Gold Standard Practitioner Kim, you can expect to leave Pure Perfection Clinic with beautiful brows, eyes that pop, and an almighty confidence boost. As we age, our hair colour fades and thins and the same happens to our eyebrows. Semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing is becoming ever more popular since the precision of techniques such as the 3D stroke effect can produce the look of a naturally full and defined brow. Likewise, semi-permanent eyeliner offers stunning definition the eyes as well as enhancing their natural shape and size.

If you want to “eye-up” any of these treatments and learn a little more about them, take a look at the dedicated pages on our website. Or if you’re ready to take the plunge and revive the eyes, book your consultation today by getting in touch with the team!

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