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In Our Hands

Whether you are visiting for an anti-ageing, skin, wrinkle or body consultation our clinic will always ensure that you get the absolute best from your visit.

It is important to know in advance just what you can expect when visiting us here at the clinic. If after reading this page you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Upon Arrival

You will be greeted in our reception area where you will be provided with a medical history form to complete. Your practitioner will be made aware that you are here and will be on their way to greet you.

Once the medical history has been completed your practitioner will escort you to the consultation room. We believe it is important for you to be greeted and welcomed by the practitioner who aims to perform the treatment for you, helping you to feel comfortable and confident.

Pigmentation Treatment Chester


At our clinic it is company policy that all patients are photographed prior to having treatment. These are for our own confidential records and to ensure that during and after a course of treatment, they can be used as a tool for assessment.

Your skin consultation

When visiting for a skin consultation our clinical team will conduct a thorough skin analysis using the latest in advanced skin analysis technology. We will discuss the findings with you and recommend appropriate treatment solutions before providing you with a comprehensive treatment plan. If at this stage you wish to proceed with a specific laser treatment that requires a patch test, it may well be possible that this can be performed on the same day to prevent multiple trips.

Your face assessment

When visiting our team of highly trained cosmetic doctors for your face assessment, we will need to see your face in animation. It is of utmost importance that we place an emphasis on natural results both at rest and in animation. A more detailed and comprehensive set of photographs may be taken. On making their analysis, the doctor will discuss the various routes for treatment before providing you with your comprehensive treatment plan.

Same Day Treatment

It is company policy at our clinic that we do not offer treatment on the same day. Whether you are visiting for a simple laser procedure or for an injectable treatment, it is with your safety in mind that we provide suitable time to absorb the information provided.

Our goal is to continually pursue excellence and uncover new advances within the aesthetic medical field. We wish to provide safe, ethical treatments for all patients, meaning we value the consultation process. Unlike other clinics, Pure Perfection does not promise same-day treatment, nor are consultations carried out by sales representatives. Because of the expertise of the clinical team, and the all-encompassing nature of the treatments we offer, we charge for consultations and the price will vary for different specialities.

Consultation prices

  • Sara Cheeney (From £50, non-redeemable)
  • Associate doctors and nurses (£50, non-redeemable)
  • Aesthetic Therapists (From £35, non-redeemable)

Please note

  • We do not consult over the phone. We do charge for our face to face consultations,
  • Failure to attend your appointment could result in a fine.
  • Please do not bring children or pets into the clinic.
  • All consultation fees must be redeemed within 6 months of the initial booking.

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