Ear piercing

Ear piercing salons in Rossett

Caflon ear piercing at Pure Perfection Clinic

Getting you or your child’s ears pierced by our highly trained team guarantees a safe, hygienic and professional experience.

At Pure Perfection, we are proud to use the latest equipment from Caflon – the most widely recognized ear-piercing systems in the world.

We offer a fast and convenient, mess-free ear-piercing service with minimal risk of infection.

Follow-up and aftercare

As part of our aftercare service, we will arrange a follow-up appointment to clean the piercing again.

We will also offer advice on how to keep the area clean and avoid scarring in the weeks following treatment, as the lobe heals naturally around the earring.

Treatment prices

Prices start from £25.

Areas we cover: Rossett • Chester • Wrexham • Cheshire
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