For Natural Looking Botox. . Look No Further. .

Our Nurse Sara at Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett, Wrexham maintains her belief in maintaining your natural features when performing injectable treatments.

At Pure Perfection Clinic near Wrexham and Chester our Cosmetic Nurse Sara can turn your frown upside down with a relatively simple, anti ageing treatment called Botox.

Static and Expressive Lines

There are two types of lines and wrinkles; Static and Expressive. Static lines means you have lines that stay, regardless whether you are resting your face or laughing. Expressive lines mean they are only there when you talk, smile or scowl.

First Time for Treatment?

Many patients who are considering the treatment for the first time will often ask us how they will look after the procedure. It is important to understand that while there may be lots of places offering this service, not all will deliver the desired result in a safe manner.

At Pure Perfection Clinic, our Cosmetic Nurse Sara will not only take into consideration the facial anatomy (meaning avoiding vital arteries and compromising the deeper structures), but the aesthetic result of the treatment too.

Sara Cheeney Resident Nurse

Sara Cheeney
Resident Nurse

We also provide a thorough facial assessment with Sara, whereby the medical health and suitability for treatment is outlined. Providing this particular treatment is for you, we would then schedule your Botulinum Toxin treatment.

Our goal is to always work with the patients expectation and desired result, but also to deliver natural looking, sophisticated effects. We do not wish for our patients to be overdone, but are conservative and artistic in our approach.

If you would like any further information about our Botox treatments at Pure Perfection Clinic or to book a consultation call 01244 917259.


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