How Much Does Botox Cost?

Bargain Hunters: What is the Price we Actually Pay?

In our quest to find a good bargain, we can often overlook the fact that price usually reflects quality. And while bagging a steal in the sale might be great when we are talking about T-shirts or a handbag; should we really be looking for cut prices when it comes to our bodies?

It is important to seek safe treatment from medical professionals who not only understand the facial anatomy but also have experience in injecting for aesthetic purposes.

Wrinkle Injection Treatments at Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett

At Pure Perfection Clinic we believe that every patient should receive a high standard of care and attention. We believe this is demonstrated through thorough facial assessments, bespoke consultations and through safe, quality treatment.

Cosmetic Nurse Sara Cheeney is Pure Perfection Clinic’s Owner, with over 6 years’ experience in the aesthetic field, and a further seven years’ experience as an NHS Surgical Nurse. During her career, Sara has been on lots of expert training including being trained by the World Expert in Dermal Fillers Mauricio de Maio, she is also an active member of the British Association Of Cosmetic Nurses, an association passionate about setting the standards in safety and excellence in aesthetic medicine.

Sara runs her own busy clinic, treating patients on a daily basis. Sara is passionate about safety in the Aesthetic Industry and this is at the forefront of her practice. Prices for Botox® at Pure Perfection Clinic are married with the number of areas treated and the skill required to inject these areas. Some of the most popular areas that are treated with botulinum toxin are;


Crow’s Feet



Gummy Smile

Bunny Lines

There are many other uses of botulinum toxin, and a consultation is paramount to determine exactly what treatment would benefit you as an individual. For one area of Botox® at Pure Perfection Clinic, the cost would be £150. That is; treatment with Sara who is highly skilled, and using the original, authentic Botox®. For more information about botulinum toxin, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us on 01244571908.


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