Let’s Hear it for the Boys: Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments for Men

Popular male aesthetic treatments

Lines and wrinkles, loss of luminosity and elasticity, darkness under the eyes, acne scarring; these are not the things to plague only those with the XX chromosome. Nor are women the only ones who deserve to feel fantastic in their skin. At Pure Perfection Clinic in Wrexham, Chester we are thrilled to see a growing number of men taking the time to revitalise and replenish their skin with some of the most effective aesthetic treatments available. It isn’t just at the clinic, men all around the world are finally coming forward to say proudly that they are happy to do what they can to stay on top of their appearance – and their confidence. Today we want to share some of those most loved treatments and what they can do for men.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox have seen an enormous increase in the last few years. It seems that the days of overdone, expressionless and frankly scary faces of the 90s have been replaced by long-lasting subtle enhancements. At Pure Perfection Clinic, we are all about natural-looking beauty – for women and for men. Delivered by our resident medical professional, anti-wrinkle injections target particular facial muscles and cause them to relax. This action prevents the formation of wrinkles whilst maintaining function of the face. With no downtime, you can expect to resume your normal activities immediately after your anti-wrinkle injections.

Dermal Fillers for Men

For many men, seeing their workplace infiltrated by bright, young, sparky graduates is not uncommon. In these cases staying ahead of the game means staying sharp – not just mentally and physically, but aesthetically too. The creeping of lines and wrinkles across the face and loss of volume and elasticity to the complexion can be really detrimental for a man’s self-esteem. By carefully delivering the dermal fillers into the skin, lost volume can be replaced and facial structures such as the jaw line and cheek bones can be redefined – not to mention the quite literal filling in of lines and wrinkles.

Dermapen – Skin Needling

The Derma FNS Pen is something of a miracle-worker. As an anti-ageing treatment and a treatment to reduce the appearance of scars, the Derma FNS Pen is equally effective since it uses the body’s natural healing process in a method referred to as skin needling.

Scars are something that most of us live with, whether from scratches and scrapes of our childhood years, stretch marks and surgical scars or most commonly, acne scars. Around 80% of people are affected by acne and of that number, men have the majority. Delivered by our highly qualified and experienced aesthetic nurse here at Pure Perfection Clinic in Wrexham, Dermapen or skin needling can precisely target acne scars (or ageing skin) and make microscopic punctures to the skin with tiny needles. This causes the skin to release growth factors that simultaneously encourage the breakdown of old collagen (as in scar tissue) and the production of new collagen. The Derma FNS Pen thereby enables smooth skin tone and an overall remodelling of the skin – oh, and a big boost of confidence.

There you have it, three of the most popular aesthetic treatments for men. At Pure Perfection Clinic, our lovely team of ladies make your happiness their priority. To discuss any of our available treatments or to book your consultation, get in touch with us today.

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