Hair Removal Chester & Wrexham

Hot Wax Hair Removal at Pure Perfection Clinic

During a professional wax treatment at our clinic covering the Chester & Wrexham areas, hair is removed from the root to ensure a long lasting result. We use an exclusive waxing system to ensure a smooth moisturised finish, combined with creams to reduce redness and in-growing hairs.

We have a waxing etiquette where we ask you to please arrive clean and smelling good for your treatment or we’ll refuse to carry out your waxing. Our waxing services are available with either Strip Wax or Hot Wax.

Hot Wax Hair Removal Benefits

Hot wax is applied with a spatula coating the area with a thick layer of wax. As the wax begins to cool it becomes firm and fixes around the hair gripping them tightly. The advantages of hot wax are:

  • Works well on coarse hair.
  • Grips the hair better than warm wax.
  • Does not leave a sticky residue.
  • Ideal for removing shorter hairs.
  • Good for sensitive/intimate areas.
  • More suitable for sensitive skins.

Before waxing we advise the hair growth to be left over a 4-6 week period so there is minimum of 1cm hair. After waxing avoid hot baths, swimming, perfumed lotions, tanning and tight clothing for up to 24 hours, as this may irritate the waxed area. You may use mineral make up after facial waxing and you can apply a soothing lotion if necessary to calm the waxed area.

Hair Removal with Threading

In threading, a thin (cotton or polyester) thread is doubled, then twisted. It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short lines of hair.

Eyebrow £15.00 | Lip £15.00 | Chin £15.00 | Side of Face £20.00

Treatment AreaPrice
Upper Lip£10.00
Lip and chin£15.00
Side of Face£10.00
Whole Face£30.00
Underarm From £15.00
Full arm£20.00
1/2 leg inc. knees and feet£20.00
Full leg inc. knees and feet£30.00
Full leg and topaz From £40.00
* Topaz (bikini) From £15.00
* Sapphire (high bikini) From £20.00
* Emerald (high bikini & underneath) From £25.00
* Ruby (Brazilian) From £30.00
* Diamond (Hollywood) From £35.00
* Pearl (add-on of underneath) From £10.00
* Back & shoulders/chest From £30.00
Nostrils/Ear Wax£10.00

*Prices are increased according to the area covered.

Areas we cover: Rossett • Chester • Wrexham • Cheshire
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