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Pigmentation is a common skin condition, recognised as dark spots, sun spots, and age spots. This causes uneven brown patches that occur on the face, hands, decolletage, and shoulders. Uneven pigmentation is caused by sun exposure, in particular harmful UVA rays. Sunspots can take approximately 10-20 years to develop and can cause the skin to age considerably. There are several causes of pigmentation.

Alongside sun exposure, Melasma is caused by hormonal changes such as pregnancy, and hyperpigmentation can often be caused by certain medications. When blemishes or other skin conditions heal they can often leave a discoloured mark behind which causes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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Hyperpigmentation is when an area of the skin darkens due to the overproduction of the skin pigment, melanin. This can manifest itself as freckles, sunspots, age spots, dark circles under the eyes, and melisma.

Although hyperpigmentation is a common and harmless condition, it can cause annoyance or psychological distress to some people with the condition. There are, however, ways to treat and prevent the symptoms and causes of hyperpigmentation.

We offer a collection of skincare products, which have been expertly developed in order to help treat hyperpigmentation, severe texture damage, sun damage, and general skin health restoration.

All of our ZO Skin Health Hyperpigmentation products contain powerful ingredients that have been clinically proven to optimise results, including sodium hyaluronate, jojoba ester, photosomes, oxysomes, retinol, and ultra-fine magnesium crystals.

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Lumecca⁣ Treatment for Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone.
Lumecca is one of the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. ⁣⁣In just 1-3 comfortable treatments, patients notice significant improvements in the complexion and clarity of their skin. ⁣⁣
We even have 2 different hand-pieces of differing wavelength spectrums, to allow safe treatment of darker skin types.⁣⁣

Lumecca improves the appearance of:⁣⁣
⁣- Age spots⁣⁣
– Sun damage⁣⁣
– Rosacea⁣⁣
– Freckles⁣⁣
– Vascular lesions (thread veins, spider veins, port wine stains, telangiectasiae)⁣⁣
– Uneven skin tone⁣⁣
– Pigmentation⁣⁣
We can also see great results with combination therapies.⁣⁣

Lumecca and Morpheus8 together is a great treatment choice for those in need of surface correction (sun damage/ age spots/ redness) but also wanting to reduce the appearance of jowls or sagging skin, on the face, neck, or almost anywhere else! ⁣⁣
Morpheus8 goes deeper into the layers of your skin using micro-needling and radio-frequency waves. This treatment penetrates up to 4mm, targeting the deepest layer of your skin and even unwanted fat underneath. ⁣⁣
Results with Morpheus8 include improvement with deep lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, scarring, jowls, loose neck skin, under chin fat, as well as improvement in skin tone and texture.⁣⁣

Our treatment programs always begin with a consultation and are followed by a skin analysis before beginning any treatments. This helps us understand your current skin health and monitor your progress during our skin reviews

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