Rosacea Treatment: Making You Aware In Rosacea Awareness Month

rosacea awareness month

That’s right; it is Rosacea Awareness Month so we thought we should share with all of you what Rosacea is and why you don’t need to just put up with it. Many of our clients at Pure Perfection Clinic have suffered for years from Rosacea which is usually recognised by sporadic or persistent flushing. Typically, the flushing is concentrated on the face of people living with Rosacea which can be really damaging to their confidence.

Whilst there is no permanent cure for Rosacea, there are skincare routines using prescribed products which can significantly reduce the flare-ups and ensure that your skin is functioning healthily. There are other everyday methods to minimise the effects of Rosacea; we talk about how a combination of these routines can have the smile back on your face and the redness off it!

What is Rosacea?

In spite of being an incredibly common skin condition, it is poorly understood. Symptoms usually begin with flushing episodes which can develop into persistent redness of the cheeks, nose, chin, neck and chest like a rash. Blood vessels may also become more visible and permanently dilated and in the most severe cases, skin may thicken and form raised excess tissue. Rosacea is often difficult to detect since its symptoms overlap with many other skin conditions including acne, allergic reactions, and dermatitis.

Stopping the Triggers in Their Tracks

Whilst the exact causes of Rosacea are unknown, a number of factors are widely recognised as possible triggers which may make the condition worse. The triggers most commonly reported include:

• Exposure to sunlight
• Stress
• Extremes of temperature
• Alcohol (particularly red wine)
• Spicy food
• Caffeine
• Dairy products

By cutting down on these triggers as much as possible, you may take back some control of your Rosacea. Consider trying plant or grain based alternatives to dairy, always wear SPF, and try a glass or two of rosé instead.

Using ZO® to Reduce Rosacea

At Pure Perfection Clinic we are awakened to the wonders of ZO Skin Health. As a ZO Skin Health faculty leader using ZO products and principles in my aesthetics clinic, we understand their range of premium prescription products and how each can treat, cure, and manage unique skin conditions.

Rozatrol™ is a multi-functioning normalising serum treatment that is able to address all visible symptoms of Rosacea. The serum is specially formulated with enzymes and amino acids which simultaneously prevent excess sebum production, restores healthy skin barrier function of the skin and provides instant relief to the inflammation that causes visible redness.

Since there is such a strong correlation between Rosacea flare-ups and sun exposure, we advise clients to use ZO’s Oclipse-C™ alongside the serum. A mineral sun cream with SPF 50, it protects even the most sensitive of skin whilst replenishing natural hydration levels and promoting healthy skin barrier function.

If you are suffering with Rosacea, take this month to do something about it. Get in touch with one of our friendly aestheticians for a consultation.

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