Savings Plan

Spread your treatment costs with affordable monthly payments

Take advantage of our flexible pre-payment scheme to help spread the cost of ongoing treatments

Many skin treatments need to be repeated at regular intervals to maintain their effect.

If you join our Savings Plan – which covers most of the treatments needed to combat ageing skin and maintain good looks – you can schedule your treatments and get one free HydraFacial Skin Health for Life a year and 2 Skin Analysis’ Plus 10% off all retail products. (See Terms and conditions below.)

Our Treatment Plans savings plan allows you to save each month towards a range of aesthetic treatments, including:

The Savings Plan

This pre-payment plan is ideal for patients who need regular skin or facial treatment sessions.

It enables you and your practitioner to plan effectively and maximise the benefits of long-term aesthetic treatments.

You also have the flexibility to modify the plan on an annual basis, if you would like to try new treatments and innovations in technology that become available at the clinic in the future.

Payment is made by direct debit, monthly in advance. For more details, see Terms and conditions below.

The benefits

Our Treatment Plans are designed to make it easier for you to benefit from your aesthetic treatment programme.

We book your treatment sessions regularly in advance, at appropriate intervals for each treatment and at times suitable for you so that you need never miss a treatment.

We also tailor-make your treatment programme to best suit you if you are having multiple treatments.

We will help you to choose the best option, according to the amount you can afford to pay and over what period of time.

The options

The links below take you to the page with the sign-up form for our direct debit scheme.

Please make sure you complete all the details, including your sort code and account number in order to proceed.

Please note: for wrinkle-reducing injections, you can choose the number of areas you would like to be treated and the timescale (either 3 or 4 months, depending on the number of treatments you have previously had). If you are new to this treatment, please book a consultation with our Resident Nurse to discuss your options in more detail.

Your reward

We believe in a global approach to face and skin health – this is at the core of what we aim to achieve through the clinical treatments we provide at Pure Perfection Clinic.

As a reward for being part of the savings plan, each year you will receive a HydraFacial and 2 Skin Analysis’ along with a membership card along 10% off Skin Care Products.

The facial gives your skin an added boost, leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated and looking amazing.

It’s our treat, for looking after your skin throughout the year.

Terms and conditions

Please note that before you join our Treatment Plans, we will need to have a full consultation with you, to make sure you have chosen the correct treatment programme.

Before booking the first session in your treatment programme, you must have the total cost of all the treatments already saved. This applies to Semi-Permanent Cosmetics, ZO Skin Health, Skinade and Dermal Fillers.

Upon your first treatment there will be a deposit required to secure the savings package, followed by 12 monthly payments of the agreed amount.

All payments are taken on the 1st or 15th day of each month.

You must be part of the savings plan for a minimum of 12 months before you can claim the free HydraFacial.

As part of our ‘no-show’ policy, we reserve the right to charge your account for any appointments we booked with you but you have missed.

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