A Must Read for Anyone Thinking of Having Botox

If you’ve recently begun to notice frown lines on your forehead – those annoying ones that makeup tends to accentuate, or if you constantly look angry due to a large crease between your eyebrows, or maybe you feel that your face is showing your age, then you are just the same as I was just a few weeks ago.  Was it time for me to have Botox?

Some friends had had Botox and looked great, but I was always concerned about taking the plunge and wanted to leave it as long as possible before I went ahead.  I’ve no idea why I thought I should wait, I guess it was from not really knowing too much about it.  I’ve since found out that Botox doesn’t just sort out your wrinkles, is also a preventative – great news!

Having been a client of Pure Perfection and seeing such a dramatic change in my skin from various treatments, Sara had gained my complete trust and at my appointment for Botox, I’d gone from being a little unsure to simply telling Sara to do what she thought best. 

My forehead and crease between my eyebrows were my main areas of concern but Sara suggested that I also have a small amount around my eyes to help reduce those little laughter lines.  She was totally right! I’m so glad that I trusted her – the results are amazing! It’s made such a difference!  My face feels more perky and fresh looking. My makeup sits so much better, I don’t look angry and my skin looks almost flawless – not bad for someone in their mid 40’s.  I can honestly say that I am converted!

Botox smile lines       Botox Wrexham

I’ve never been happier with my skin.  With a combination of ZO products and Botox, I feel so much more confident. So many people have commented on how I look, and most have even asked if I am wearing makeup – I am, but not as much as I used to (thanks ZO!)  I recently went to a wedding and someone I haven’t seen in over 15 years said ‘you look great’ and then after looking at me for a few seconds longer, said ‘actually, you look fantastic!’  There’s no greater compliment.

If you are thinking of having Botox or just want some advice on how to improve your skin tone, please go and see Sara, you won’t regret it – I know that I don’t, not for 1 second!

Here’s a quick FAQ about Botox from my experience –

What is Botox for?

Botox can be used for so many things!  (Did you also know that it can be used to stop excessive sweating?)  For me though, it was forehead lines, smile lines and wrinkle removal.  Wrinkle REMOVAL – how fab is that?!

How does it work?

Put simply, Botox relaxes your frowning muscles and wrinkles. 

Is there any downtime?

None at all.  The whole process takes 10 minutes and whilst you will have a few pin prick marks from the needle (which is tiny!), you could go and meet your friends in the pub straight after and they wouldn’t notice a thing. 

When can I expect to see the results?

Even though I noticed small changes every couple of days, I saw the best of the results at the end of the 2ndweek.  I am now 6 weeks in and it still looks fantastic!

Will I look frozen and expressionless?

No!  Your face looks smoother than it probably has in more than 5-10 years, but you won’t look ‘done’.  I can still move my forehead and show expression easily.  The real test was my own family didn’t notice anything too drastic but did comment a few times on how great my skin looked.

Does it hurt?

Not in any way!  The needle is so small that you don’t feel it. 

How long does it last?

3-4 months is the average for Botox.  However, I thought that once you had had it, you were committing to a lifetime of keeping it topped up.  I was wrong. Botox wears off slowly and if you don’t want it done again then you don’t have to.  Although, I know that I will be back to have my top up when I start to notice the wrinkles again.

Is it really expensive?

This really depends on what you define as expensive.  It’s no more than a couple of trips to the hairdressers and is priceless for what it does to your overall appearance.  I had 3 areas which was £275.  To make things even easier, Pure Perfection offer a monthly payment plan to spread the cost and includes your top ups too.  As an added bonus, anyone on this plan also gets a fab discount on the zo skin products.  Watch out for our blog on the benefits of using these products – coming soon!

If after reading this you are still unsure, then why not book a consultation with Sara? You’ll have a highly personal 1-2-1 consultation and receive tailored advice on what will be best for you.  Invest in your skin now and you won’t regret it.   Give the clinic a call now on 01244 917259 and book yourself in.

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