Skin Needling, The Miracle Skin Remodelling Treatment

Skin Needling, Chester

Our skin; it is the largest and one of the most important organs in our body. Fighter of dirt and disease, cuts and grazes, the hairs on it stand tall in cold weather, the list goes on. In all of its wondrous efforts to protect us, our skin undergoes constant attack from pollutants, the sun, the ageing process, our genetics, and at times we will all see these imperfections and wish there were something we could do to help it in return. In addition to that, when our skin shows signs of ageing, carries the stubborn scars from our acne years or operations, or stretch marks from our little treasures, it can really kick at our confidence. We all deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin, which is exactly what Derma FNS Pen treatment offers – in fact, it makes our skin look and feel fabulous. At Pure Perfection Clinic, skin needling with the Derma FNS Pen is one of our most popular bookings and we’d like to share with you why that is and what it involves.

What is Skin Needling Treatment?

The team at Pure Perfection Clinic in Wrexham, Chester are big advocates of Dermapen – a process commonly referred to as Skin Needling. The pen is fitted with a round of micro needles which performs a consistent stamping action across the treatment area. A topical numbing cream will always be applied before treatment begins in order to minimise any discomfort.

The needle depth can be easily adjusted in order to accommodate different areas of the patient’s face or body during the procedure. For example the delicate skin around the nose, eyes and mouth can be treated more gently than the cheeks, stomach, or forehead.

Dermapen Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Treatment

Ageing is inevitable and until some super-scientist is able to stop the hands of time, we must accept our fate happily. Of course, to do so is often easier said than done. No matter how hard we work on rejuvenating and prolonging the health of our insides, when ageing scribbles lines and wrinkles onto our face, pulls at the skin around our mouth and jawline, and darkens the area under our eyes, our self-esteem can understandably take a hit.

With its precision of application, the Derma FNS Pen effectively targets problem areas by needling the skin and encouraging the body to perform in ‘healing mode’ whereby collagen production is stimulated and the growth of new tissue turbocharged. In doing so, the firmness, elasticity, and luminosity of the skin is restored and lines and wrinkles smoothed.

Dermapen Treatment for Scarring and Stretch Marks

Most of us are living with scars. Some are minor, like those we’ve gathered over our childhood years when jumping off walls, running through woods, and scrambling under fences. Some may be from surgeries, but most commonly scarring can be as a result of acne. 80% of us will live with acne and one point or another in our life. Whilst we may be able to “get over” the scars on our knees, when scars are visible like those from acne, or from operations such as caesareans, it can really hinder our confidence. The same can be said for stretch marks.

Fortunately, working in the same way as explained above, our highly qualified and experienced resident aesthetic nurse practitioner is able to deliver Derma FNS Pen treatment to the troublesome areas. By making microscopic punctures to the skin’s surface the skin releases growth factors which encourage the breakdown of old collagen (as in scar tissue) and the production of new collagen. The results see smooth, greatly improved skin tone and a remodelling of the skin.

Why is the Derma FNS Pen SO Great?

The multiple needles with adjustable penetration depth, the automated stamping action, and the pre-application of topical cream ensure that the skin-needling method is safe, speedy, and hugely successful – we could go on and on, but the before and after images do it all for us. Plus, the down time is minimal meaning you can be smiling and strutting your stuff in no time!

To book your appointment or to find out more information about our Derma FNS Pen skin needling treatment, please get in touch with one of our lovely ladies at Pure Perfection Clinic.

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