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Advanced Electrolysis Chester, Cheshire

Remove unsightly skin blemishes including moles, warts, skin tags, and other blemishes for clearer, smoother skin. Advanced electrolysis can be used for many skin conditions caused by ageing, sun damage, and particular health conditions.

In our advanced electrolysis clinic serving Wrexham and Chester, this procedure takes a minimum of 15 minutes to complete, depending on the condition being treated. Your skin will be cleansed and sterilised before we use the hand-held electrolysis device. Fine needles combined with a thermolysis current (heat) will frazzle the superficial epidermis.

Treatment summary

Discomfort level
Duration of results
Recovery time
Procedure time
Dependent on number of lesions

Topical (occasionally)

Final results
1 weeks

What is advanced electrolysis?

Advanced electrolysis is a minor cosmetic procedure which uses a thermolysis current and a very fine needle to either cauterise or lift away the superficial epidermis, depending on the blemish that is to be treated. This is usually a permanent treatment and takes very little time to perform.

The Skin

The skin is our largest organ. It’s no wonder therefore that lumps and bumps can appear anywhere on the face or the body. If a mole, skin tag or other blemish is not potentially harmful, the NHS will not agree to removing them, as this is considered a cosmetic procedure rather than a necessary one. However, at Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett, near Chester, Cheshire and Wrexham on the North Wales border, we offer advanced electrolysis, to permanently remove unwanted skin lesions and blemishes, revealing a clearer and smoother complexion – all over.

Which conditions can advanced electrolysis treat?

  •   Red veins and spider naevi (broken capillaries)
  •   Skin tags
  •   Milia
  •   Wart Removal
  •   Verrucas
  •   Seborrheic keratosis
  •   Sebaceous cysts
  •   Syringoma
  •   Xanthelasma
  •   Age spots

Are there any contraindications advanced electrolysis?

  •   Epilepsy
  •   Pacemaker
  •   Uncontrolled heart conditions
  •   Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  •   All forms of cancer
  •   Uncontrolled diabetes
  •   Undergoing chemotherapy or immune therapy
  •   Immunodeficiency
  •   Pregnancy
  •   Lupus
  •   Varicose veins
  •   Active herpes / cold sores on the treatment site
  •   Moles
  •   >Open lesions
  •   Infection
  •   Sunburn

Which areas can advanced electrolysis treat?

Essentially, advanced electrolysis can treat skin lesions and blemishes anywhere on the face and body. There are no specific areas more popular than others, as everyone is unique, with blemishes and lumps and bumps in various areas with requirements differing amongst all patients. We would advise against having advanced electrolysis however in the mucus membrane regions.

This will all depend on the type of lesion that is being treated. For example, for wart removal and verruca removal, a course of 2 treatments will be required, taken 8 weeks apart. For age spots and pigmentation, the blemishes are lifted away and cauterised, leaving small scabs which will disappear over the course of 2 weeks. Your unique skin concerns and expected results times will be discussed in your initial pre-treatment consultation.

Results from advanced electrolysis are usually permanent. However in some cases, such as skin tags, there is a possibility that in certain areas of the body, more can appear. This all depends on your genetics and whether you are susceptible to the condition in general. Your practitioner will advise you of any aftercare to be carried out and how to minimise the risks of further lesions such as skin tags or broken capillaries re-appearing.

This will all depend on the type of lesion to be treated. Some lesions require only 1 treatment session, whereas others may require 2 or more treatment sessions. The estimated number of treatments you will need will be discussed in your initial pre-treatment consultation.

Advanced electrolysis is a fast, virtually pain-free and highly-effective treatment for the removal of skin lesions. It has been the mainstay of many professional dermatologists as it is non-invasive with minimal downtime.

Your skin will be cleansed and sterilised and you will be made comfortable. The practitioner will then use the hand-held electrolysis device on each lesion. This process is very quick, however, depending on how many lesions you are having treated at once will determine how long each treatment will take.

Our advanced electrolysis patients generally describe this treatment as mildly uncomfortable, with a warm, stinging sensation which is easily tolerable. However, pain thresholds do vary and if you are particularly sensitive, we can offer a topical anaesthetic to numb the area.

Most people are suitable for advanced electrolysis. However there are a number of contraindications that can restrict someone from having this treatment. Therefore, prior to any treatment here at Pure Perfection Clinic, we will ask you to attend a no obligation consultation, so that we can assess your individual concerns, discuss your expectations for results as well as check your medical history, to ensure there are no contraindications to the treatment and that it will be effective for you.

For your no obligation consultation and medical history check, contact the Pure Perfection clinical team for a consultation below.

For more information about advanced electrolysis, or to book your consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us today.

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