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Tri-Wave MD Dermalux LED Chester, Cheshire

Our state-of-the-art Dermalux LED in Chester is the best treatment in the region. It improves your skin’s tone, texture, and resilience to acne across the face and body. It treats common skin conditions, such as psoriasis, rosacea and eczema, bringing a healthy glow to your complexion.

This treatment utilises state-of-the-art equipment and is medically CE certified for acne, psoriasis, healing wounds, and general pain relief. This remedy values high thermal efficiency while maintaining a safe environment for your skin.

Feel the relaxing stimulation of the treatment that reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and redness for firmer and younger skin. There is no discomfort or recovery time, allowing you to get back to your daily routine as normal.

Treatment summary

Discomfort level
Duration of results
Up to 6 months
Recovery time


Procedure Time
30 minutes

The skin’s resilience, tone, texture and overall quality can differ from patient to patient and this may be due to the natural ageing process, genetics or conditions such as rosacea or acne. We all have our own unique skin concerns but some of us may prefer to treat those concerns in a gentle, non-invasive way.

What it does –

  •   Stimulates the skin
  •   Reduces lines and wrinkles
  •   Reduces redness
  •  Firms the complexion
  •  Treats skin conditions such as rosacea and acne

What is Dermalux LED phototherapy?

Dermalux LED phototherapy harnesses the power of pure light energy to stimulate the skin, naturally and resolve a wide-range of skin conditions. Red LED light increases the production of collagen and elastin, which helps restore a firmer, smoother complexion. It also shrinks enlarged pores and evens out skin tone and texture. Blue LED light provides an anti-bacterial effect for acne prone, congested skins.

Which skin conditions can be treated with Dermalux LED?

  •   Lines, wrinkles and the signs of ageing
  •   Pigmentation, sun-damage and age spots
  •   Bruises
  •   Burns
  •   Dermatitis
  •   Dehydrated skin
  •   Sensitive skin
  •   Blemishes
  •   Open pores
  •   Psoriasis
  •   Vitiligo
  •   Fungal skin conditions
  •   Rosacea
  •   Eczema
  •   Acne and blemish-prone skin
  •   Sensitive skin
  •   Post-procedure

Dermalux LED will painlessly increase the collagen production within your skin to help smooth lines and wrinkles. It’s antibacterial and soothing properties can help with chronic conditions such as acne and rosacea. Dermalux can heal the skin and increase cell turnover for a more healthy and youthful-looking complexion.

Are there any contraindications to Dermalux LED?

  •   Certain medication which can cause photosensitivity
  •   Specific conditions which can cause photosensitivity
  •   Pregnancy and breastfeeding patients may be advised to wait before embarking on a treatment program

Which areas can Dermalux LED treat?

Essentially, the Dermalux LED light can treat all areas of the face and the body and any region where there is an adverse skin condition. However, the most common areas are the face, neck décolletage, and the hands.

The effects of a Dermalux LED phototherapy treatment can be seen within 24 to 48 hours, so it’s a perfect treatment to have a day or two before a special event. At Pure Perfection Clinic, we recommend a series of 5 to 6 treatments, a week apart and then adding this therapy to your monthly treatments to aid healing, tighten and replenish the skin and maintain beautiful results.

If you undergo regular monthly Dermalux LED sessions following an initial course, results can be easily maintained. However, it’s important to follow a good skincare regime and healthy lifestyle to maximise the results and obtain optimum skin health. Damaging factors such as smoking, excessive sun-exposure and stress can all have a significant effect on the skin. Therefore, leading a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and plenty of rest can also benefit your skin and aid the effects that Dermalux LED can offer.

5 to 6 weekly treatments with monthly top up sessions to maintain the results.

At Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett, near Chester, Cheshire and Wrexham on the North Wales border, we believe in researching and sourcing the most state-of-the-art skin procedures with minimal to no downtime, so that you can obtain beautiful results effectively, comfortably and safely. One of the world’s renowned ‘lunchtime’ treatments that we offer, for a wide-range of skin concerns is Dermalux LED phototherapy. It’s pain-free, fast-acting and suitable for all skins. A relaxing and rewarding treatment, you can unwind and de-stress whilst actively helping your skin’s health and vitality all in one beautiful treatment.

The treatment involves you completely relaxing under the chosen light suited best to your unique skin concerns. Your skin will be lightly cleansed beforehand. You can then lie back and let the warming, soothing light melt away the day’s stresses. Dermalux may also be added on to other cosmetic treatments, to aid healing and soothe the skin. After the treatment you can return to your daily activities, refreshed and revitalised.

Dermalux LED is a pain-free and relaxing treatment. There are no side-effects and no downtime. This is the perfect lunchtime treatment.

As Dermalux LED is a treatment that does not injure or harm the body and there is no side-effects or downtime to the treatment, almost everyone can benefit from this therapy. LED does not harm or damage the skin and is safe prior and post sun-exposure. There is no limit to the amount of treatments one may have. However, some medications can cause photosensitivity and specific conditions may also be triggered by light. This is why at Pure Perfection Clinic, we will always ask you to attend a no obligation consultation, so that your practitioner can speak with you about any pre-existing conditions or medications that you may be taking, as well as discuss your individual skin concerns and desires for results.

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