Eradicate unsightly spider veins and thread veins permanently without surgery.

Treatment summary

At Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett, near Chester, Cheshire and Wrexham on the North Wales border, we understand that spider veins and varicose veins can cause embarrassment as well as discomfort, therefore we offer sclerotherapy as an effective treatment for both skin concerns.

Spider veins - Varicose veins

If you experience broken veins (spider veins ) and varicose veins, you’ll know that spider veins can be a nuisance at best and varicose veins can be painful at worst. Spider veins are small, damaged veins that can appear on the surface of the skin. Not usually painful or harmful, but can look unattractive to those who experience them. Varicose veins are swollen and enlarged veins that usually appear on the legs and the feet. They can be blue or dark purple and give a swollen, lumpy and bulging appearance to the skin. Some other symptoms of varicose veins can include aching, heavy or uncomfortable legs and swollen feet or ankles.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive procedure which treats spider veins and varicose veins. It involves an injection of a salt solution in to the affected vein. This solution irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to collapse and stick together. This in-turn causes the blood to clot and the troublesome vein to disappear.

Are there any contraindications to sclerotherapy?

  •     Allergic sensitivity to the sclerosant
  •     Pregnancy
  •     Infection
  •     Deep venous thrombosis (DVT)
  •     Severe arterial disease

Which areas can sclerotherapy treat?

Sclerotherapy is generally used on areas of the body such as the legs. It is not advisable to undergo sclerotherapy on the face as the medication used can discolour or damage the sensitive skin on this area.

When will I see the results from sclerotherapy?

 In general, spider veins respond to sclerotherapy in three to six weeks, and larger veins respond in three to four months.

How long will the results last?

In most cases, they disappear within three to six months, but can be permanent about five percent of the time

How many treatments will I need?

Sclerotherapy should be performed as a series of treatments. The number of sessions is determined by the severity of venous disease and on individual responses to treatment. On average, patients require 3-6 sessions. A single session may improve the appearance of veins by approximately 40%.

Why should someone have sclerotherapy?

Someone who is suffering from spider, varicose veins or blood vessel malformation

What happens during a sclerotherapy procedure?

Sclerotherapy involves an injection of a solution (generally a salt solution) directly into the vein. The solution irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to collapse and stick together and the blood to clot.

Does Sclerotherapy hurt?

Some patients experience minor stinging or cramps when the needle is inserted. Some liquids (sclerosants) can cause more discomfort than others. However, some now contain a substance called Lidocaine, which is an anaesthetic, to minimise discomfort.

Am I suitable for sclerotherapy?

Most people are suitable for sclerotherapy. However there are a number of contraindications that can restrict someone from having this treatment. Therefore, prior to any treatment here at Pure Perfection Clinic, we will ask you to attend a no obligation consultation, so that we can assess your individual concerns, discuss your expectations for results as well as check your medical history, to ensure there are no contraindications to the treatment and that it will be effective for you.

Prices For Sclerotherapy Treatment Start From £200

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