ZO Skincare Treatments in Chester & Wrexham

ZO Skin Health treatments and peels for healthy, glowing skin

ZO Skin Health by leading dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi is a prescription-strength, physician-dispensed topical skincare system that provides general improvements to the health and appearance of your skin.

ZO’s range of specialised products have been thoroughly researched and clinically tested to give stunning results.

At Pure Perfection Skin Clinic, we will prescribe you the specific programme of ZO products and treatments that offers the most effective care and improvement for your skin.

The treatment programme includes:

  • Comprehensive skin consultation £50
  • 3-step peel £300
  • ZO medical facial £120
  • Pure Perfection’s Red Carpet Facial £85

The ZO Advanced Skincare Treatment Programme

ZO medical 3-step peel

The 3-Step Stimulation Peel from ZO Medical is designed to exfoliate the top layers of skin and stimulate cellular function in the skin’s deeper layers.

It calms and soothes the skin, which means the treatment has little or no downtime and is suitable for all skin types and tones.

Step 1 is the application of the peel solution itself. This is a blend of salicylic, trichloroacetic and lactic acids, which help to minimise inflammation and hydrate the skin.

Step 2 is the Stimulating Retinol Creme, which is applied after the peel solution. This stimulates cellular function at a deep level, for collagen enhancement, firming, and wrinkle reduction.

Step 3 is application of the Calming Creme Post Procedure Skin Relief. This cream is used as a finishing product, restoring moisture and minimising any inflammation and irritation that may result after the first two steps.

After the peel, your skin may have a yellow tone, but this is completely normal. When you wash your face the next day, this will have disappeared.

You may also notice your skin begins to lightly peel the next day, but this will only last for a couple of days.

The results

These products will brighten, lighten, protect and correct a range of skin concerns such as sun-damage, thickened skin, acne, rosacea, age spots and hyperpigmentation.

You will see the difference instantly and you will notice your skin is tighter, smoother and brighter looking with a healthy glow!

For best results, we recommend around 3 peel treatments, spaced 6 weeks apart.

ZO Skin Health Acne Chester

ZO Skincare treatment reviews

What we love about this treatment

This clinically proven skin care system keeps your skin healthy and glowing all day, every day with simple to use homecare.

What you love about this treatment

I’ve suffered from acne since my teens and have tried everything from antibiotics to the latest ‘miracle’ blemish-busting products to try and reduce it. But after just three ZO Facials at the Pure Perfection Skin Clinic 90% of my spots have gone and my skin has never looked better. I’m now absolutely hooked on ZO, the results are phenomenal! Mathew, Wrexham

I really didn’t like the texture of my skin, my pore size and I had a lot of hyper pigmentation. I was a little intimidated to have to use so many products and having to buy into some sort of system, I was sceptical. But all I can say is WOW! What a transformation. Michelle, Chester

Treatment Protocol

Treatment programmePrice
Red Carpet Facial£425
ZO Medical Facial£600
3-Step Peel£750

Consultation Fee: £50. You can redeem £25 of the consultation fee from the cost of any treatment booked following your consultation.



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