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Rosacea is a long term, inflammatory skin condition primarily affecting the facial area. It is more common amongst women and people with lighter skin in general. The cause is still largely unknown, but luckily it is a condition that can be easily controllable and medically manageable with the right advice and treatment plan.

Its appearance is like that of sunburn and acne, and if left untreated, can worsen over time. With symptoms such as a prominent redness across the cheeks, nose, skin, and forehead- Rosacea hugely affects the confidence in women who suffer from this skin condition and hinders them to enjoy life the way we should be.

We aim to create awareness around this skin condition to show those who may be suffering from this right now that you are not alone, it is common, and it is treatable.



Stephanie came to our clinic 6 months ago suffering from Pustular Rosacea.

She was in the depths of despair and ashamed of her skin. She explained to us how she was using heavy foundation to consistently cover up the condition, especially for work.

Having found us through a friend (who was also one of our patients and an old school friend of Sara’s), we assured Stephanie that we would be able to help her through this.

We started off by obtaining a full historical record of prior information she had received from numerous dermatologists before coming to us.


In clinic, Stephanie was advised Kenalog steroid injections to aid the healing of the larger pustules as a one-off treatment in the early stages and underwent several Dermalux sessions.

Stephanie underwent a 6-month treatment programme with us using our ZO Skin Health Programme. Our ZO Skin Health products are largely focused on repairing damaged and inflamed skin and benefit those who want to reduce redness and inflammation, such as patients suffering with Rosacea.

She was advised the ‘Skin Normalising System & Wrinkle & Texture Repair with Broad Spectrum SPF’. She was also prescribed Zenii Omega (3 Supplements) & Roaccutane (20mg) a day- having now stopped Rocaccuatne and switched to Zenii Pro Clear.


The incredible difference in Stephanie is why we have the urge to share our patient’s story and create awareness around Rosacea itself. We could not be prouder of what she has achieved throughout this process with us.

Prior to lockdown, Stephanie popped back into the clinic, radiating happiness both on the inside and out. Her face and smile beaming and crying tears of happiness. ‘It brought a tear to my eye to have been able to help this beautiful lady, not only with her physical needs, but also her psychological needs too.’- Sara, CEO, who says that treating Acne and Rosacea is her favourite treatment to do in clinic.

Here at Pure Perfection Clinic we not only assist with the treatment of Rosacea, it is our mission to help those who suffer, to change their outlook and regain confidence with their skin again.


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If you suffer from Rosacea like Stephanie, then get in touch today to arrange your consultation.

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