Anti Wrinkle Injections

Temporarily smooth expression lines and dynamic wrinkles for a more youthful complexion.

The onset of age can bring a variety of skin concerns. Arguably the most commonly seen in both men and women from the age of 30 onwards are expression lines and dynamic wrinkles. Lines on the forehead, around the eyes and even on the nose can be a nuisance and give the appearance of a tired and ageing complexion and heavy eyelids.

Fortunately, at Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett, near Chester, Cheshire and Wrexham on the North Wales border, we offer one of the most popular and effective injectable treatments for dynamic age lines in the world. These are called anti-wrinkle injections, wrinkle-smoothing injections or more commonly, the brand name ‘Botox’.

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Botox injections utilise a toxin called Botulinum Toxin Type A, which is one of the most powerful substances known to man and is lethal when ingested. It was discovered to produce anti-wrinkle effects when it was being used to treat migraines in patients. It also has uses in medicine for involuntary spasms, incontinence, depression, excessive sweating and lazy eye syndrome. It has been used for many years, safely as a controlled drug but is most commonly and famously known for its anti-ageing properties, when injected by a fully-qualified and highly-trained medical professional. We inject miniscule amounts of this substance in to the muscles which cause facial expressions and subsequently, expression lines and dynamic wrinkles. Botox blocks the nerve receptors responsible for causing the movement of the facial muscles and temporarily relaxes these muscles, smoothing the skin and reducing lines and wrinkles for up to 4 months at a time.

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