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semi- permanent makeup

20% off – SAVE UP TO £70 – Semi-permanent make up offers throughout December

 December 7, 2018
Around the festive season, it’s wonderful to not only celebrate on-going traditions with friends and family, but take a bit of time for yourself too. When it comes to Christmas parties, some of us like to be ready to go after ten minutes, whereas others allocate hours to perfect... read more

HydraFacial Europe: Copenhagen & Stockholm

 November 19, 2018
You might have heard us mention that our very own founder and Nurse Practitioner Sara Cheeney was lucky enough to be invited to speak in Copenhagen, introducing the world-leading HydraFacial technology into Europe. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Launching HydraFacial in Sweden As an international Key Opinion Leader for HydraFacial, Sara has a... read more

Pure Perfection and Porsche: Luxury Event

 November 12, 2018
Luxury isn’t just about flash and flair. It’s about quality, comfort, and great design. Following the phenomenal success of our red carpet HydraFacial event in October, we’re taking luxury experiences to new heights. On Thursday 22nd November, Porsche and Pure Perfection Clinic are collaborating for one evening only, which... read more

Layering Sun Protection

 November 6, 2018
Saying goodbye to Summer is never easy. Long days of heat and sunset evening parties are the stuff of dreams. Though we hate to admit that the good weather is over for another year, we comfort ourselves with the less-than-desirable qualities of summer: plucking and preening so we’re always... read more

Pure Perfection - Sara Cheeney

Sara’s Updates – October

 November 1, 2018
When the evenings draw in that little bit sooner; people look a little sleepier in the mornings; and when icy gusts of wind are the only thing that seem to awaken your senses, you know that Autumn has well and truly set in to stay. But while most of... read more

Bridge between beauty and aesthetics: Pure Perfection Clinic

 October 31, 2018
Pure Perfection Clinic specialises in medical-grade aesthetic treatments, and we pride ourselves on our wonderful clients that leave our clinic happy and confident in their skin. However, clinical aesthetic treatments were not where we started our journey to perfection. But, we think our history makes us even better at... read more

The Consulting Rooms – Sara Cheeney’s Article

 October 16, 2018
Sara Cheeney Article In The Consulting Room
read more

An Insight into Skin Needling

 October 10, 2018
Skin Needling is the perfect skincare treatment to try this October. Coined the “Vampire Facial”, celebrities and supermodels have all shared their trick for gorgeous skin: skin needling. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-   Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and Kim Kardashian are but a few who swear by the treatment for... read more

HydraFacial Event Giveaway

 October 4, 2018
You might have heard of the HydraFacial recently – it’s all we’ve been talking about! We’ve joined a huge conversation about the future of skincare, and jumped on the HydraFacial revolution that’s sweeping the world. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- The HydraFacial World Tour You could say we’re getting carried away by the... read more

Hydrafacial World Tour Comes To Pure Perfection Clinic For A Red Carpet Event

 September 22, 2018
Pure Perfection Clinic are delighted to announce that we have been chosen as one of just five clinics in the UK to take part in the HydraFacial World Tour, which has already been to New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai – and many more destinations! Our red carpet HydraFacial event... read more
Lip Fillers at Pure Perfection Clinic

Let’s Talk About Lip Fillers – What You Need to Know from the Practitioners You Can Trust

 September 11, 2018
Definition, even features, volume; these are the things that so many dream of but have not been born with. They are also the things that some people once owned, but have lost at the cruel hands of time and the visible ageing process. In either case, when our complexion... read more
Aesthetic treatments post-summer

Beat the Post-Summer Slump with these 3 Aesthetic Treatments

 September 4, 2018
Oddly, the after-summer effects can leave us in a similar ditch to post-Christmas festivities. It probably has something to do with the sunshine giving us endless excuses for late nights and a few more drinks than we would in say, January to June. At Pure Perfection Clinic in Wrexham,... read more

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