Define, Revive, Restore: Dermal Fillers at Pure Perfection Clinic

Dermal Filler Treatment at Chester & Wrexham

As hard as we try and as much as we may deserve it, we are not blessed with the grace, glow and eternal youth of Mary Poppins who is famously “practically perfect in every way”. Whilst her porcelain skin and gently rouged cheeks go unchanged with the passing of time, the rest of us can become victims of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and the loss of volume and luminosity. Of course, time is our inevitable nemesis in the battle for beautiful skin, but other factors such as stress and sun damage can be as cruel to our complexions.

Here at Pure Perfection, our aesthetics clinic serving Chester and Wrexham has the answer to all your ageing complexion problems – dermal fillers – and for the next few minutes of reading, we’re going to tell you all about them.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

For women and men alike, the ageing process causes the body to stop producing as much hyaluronic acid. So what? Well, hyaluronic acid is the natural substance which gives our skin its volume, elasticity and brightness. Dermal filler treatment is the process by which a solution of hyaluronic acid is carefully and precisely injected into the face to add volume and definition to the facial structures. From frown lines to a full facial lift, dermal fillers can target a number of areas to produce beautiful, natural-looking results.

Dermal Fillers – The Absolute Safety Essentials

At Pure Perfection Clinic, we preach and practice the importance of safety standards not only to those who want dermal fillers in Chester and Wrexham but across the UK and the wider world. When looking for the right practitioner for your dermal filler treatments there are a number of essential considerations. Firstly, is the aesthetic practitioner qualified? Do they offer a consultation before the treatment? Have they fully explained the process? Do you feel comfortable and safe? Have they spoken to you about aftercare? If the answer to any of these is no, we strongly recommend that you continue your search for a local dermal filler treatment clinic. Having fixed a lot of botch jobs over a number of years we can say for sure that it is better to be safe than sorry!

You can learn more about dermal fillers at Pure Perfection Clinic here.

Come Along to Our Dermal Filler Event!

On Thursday 23rd May, Pure Perfection Clinic is throwing open its doors to the people of Wrexham and Chester who are interested in dermal fillers. From 4-8pm, we will be talking and walking dermal fillers, doing demonstrations, presentations and introducing all of you to our new filler which is more effective and safer than any other filler on the market. As well as the launch of Viscoderm Skin Booster, and an appearance from our much loved Profhilo and Aliaxin dermal fillers, you can enjoy Zenii Skin Fusion drink, Prosecco and cupcakes on arrival! 

So, if you’ve already fallen in love with fillers or you’re thinking about booking your first consultation, why not join us for a fun and informative evening.

To let us know that you’re coming to the event or to ask any questions and to make a booking for dermal fillers, get in touch with the team at Pure Perfection Clinic today!

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