How Much Are Lip Injections?

How Much Are Lip Injections? Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett Take a Look…

The demand for lip enhancement has surged, with more and more celebrities and public figures opting for facial fillers to improve their pout. A question we are asked frequently when we are contacted by prospective patients is: how much are lip injections? And we understand that you want value for your money and effective results that reflect the price tag.

So – we price our treatments here at Pure Perfection Clinic in a way that is reflective of the standard and quality of the treatment, the products and Sara’s skills, as well as the care and guidance our patients receive.

Our Product Of Choice – Juvéderm

By using the HA based Juvéderm range from Allergan, we can ensure sleek and sophisticated results. Rather than creating an entirely different look, Sara uses these gold-standard products to enhance patient’s natural features. The products themselves last between 12-18 months, with precedence of them lasting up to 24 months. The Juvéderm range allow for longevity without permanency, and are malleable yet durable.

The Techniques

Learning from the illustrious Dr Mauricio de Maio, Sara adopts the very latest dermal filler techniques into her practice. Rather than treating theproblem area in the standard, ad hoc way seen previously with thesetypes of treatment, Sara harnesses a strategic method, treating indirectly for subtle, natural-looking results. Both the MD Codes and 8 Point Lift are utilised at Pure Perfection Clinic.

Prices for lip filler injections start at £190, and depend on the individual case. In order to assess what treatment would most benefit you, and to outline how much treatment will be needed, a consultation with our Sara is essential.

For more information about dermal filler injections for lip injections, or to schedule a consultation, please call Cheryl on 01244571908 you can also find out more information here.


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